1. We Get Results! We’re not just going to advise, evaluate, and tell you what YOU need to do. That’s what other so-called “experts” do who haven’t been in your shoes. We create plans that you approve, document these ACTION PLANS, and then we roll up our sleeves and, in many cases, begin and finish the task(s) ourselves! This allows you to continue to take care of your Employees, Customers, and responsibilities while we work for you doing the tasks we are familiar with and are good at. Does that make sense? Of course it does. We then implement the changes together.
  2. The Auto Service Business has taken some huge, challenging turns in the last few years, and continues to change and evolve every week. LloydSchiller.com has the state-of-the-art techniques and tools which will help you “realign” your actions with your goals so that your objectives and those of your Dealer come true.
  3. We work with you. We arrive prior to your department’s opening, and stay until finished. We don’t arrive at 9am and leave at 4pm or 5pm like our competition.
  4. Your Results are ensured by our direct financial Tie-In. Simply put, we are not paid by a 3rd party; we are paid by you. This means that we have to get results in order to maintain your business. AND just like you, we GUARANTEE our work!
  5. We take your project beyond the installation of Processes and help you instill the tools and Processes for a lasting change.
  6. We don’t just leave you on your own. Our follow-up plus wonderful tools such as Profit Blueprints® and our Retail R.O. Sales Analyses will help continue your successes.
  7. Lloyd Schiller has over 38 years of successful experience in Dealership Retail Service, Parts, and Body Shop with the testimonials to prove it.
  8. Lloyd Schiller is a competent, retail professional. Some of our competitors chase “manufacturer contracts” causing a need to quickly hire “consultants.” Their training can simply be a “jump start”; the “consultant” given a laptop, and then they “hit the road.” This method does not ensure results for the Dealer.
  9. We Relate. We work at all levels with your Managers, your Technicians, and Support Personnel, and we UNDERSTAND.
  10. We simply don’t use “Cookie-Cutter Programs” to meet our needs and hope they work well in your operation. We evaluate the needs of YOUR operation, YOUR market, YOUR people, YOUR franchise(s) and YOUR facility and customize a plan to ensure you reach those lofty Net Profit and Customer Happiness goals.



Before you read any further, please put a smile on your face and know that I am on your side. Now then, think about these things:

  • Often without any formal Training or Processes, Dealers and Managers let their Employees “practice” on your Customers and your Business
  • We hire people we think are the best we can find/afford for the job, and then hope they already know how they should take care of your Customers, and achieve High Net Profits

Most Dealerships spend lots more money on Advertising to bring people in to experience (or re-experience) your Dealership’s current processes rather than money on Training to improve the processes in the first place that will:

  1. Retain your Customers,
  2. Increase the Yield per Customer of Needed, Legitimate Maintenance and Repairs.

Does that sound like a formula for success?
Lloyd Schiller offers a variety of Dealership-Proven ways to create High Net Profits and Happy Customers. Lloyd Schiller rolls his sleeves up, and works with you and your Managers in your Dealership conquering your unique challenges. From fine-tuning or upgrading your processes, Lloyd’s vast experience and intense people skills will take your Service, Parts and Body Shop Operations to the next level. Unlike many “armchair quarterbacks”, Lloyd provides full service from diagnostics to implementation prior to turning a new, smooth-running Process or Department back over to your Manager.


“We engaged Lloyd Schiller in March 2015 to assist with our Service & Parts Business. By implementing a complete Service Drive Process, implementing a new Service Menu system, implementing 3 full-time 2-Tech Express Service Teams (now 4) and changing the culture on taking care of the older, higher mileage Customers; we have experienced fabulous improvements.

As a result, we are enjoying a 13.8% Gross Profit Improvement (more than triple the 2015 NADA Average) through almost doubling our Customer Pay Sales per R.O., much higher Customer Retention, and continue to enjoy high CSI. If you are looking for Service & Parts improvements that you can measure and put in the bank, and you are willing to commit, then I recommend hiring Lloyd.”

Jim Gill, President Chesrown Chevy-Buick-GMC Columbus, OH 740.363.1175

Progress Update Chesrown Chevy Buick GMC January, 2015 December, 2015
Average C.P. Mileage 78,900 101,244
R.O.s with 3+ lines 20.3% 42.9%
Average Labor $ per R.O. $154 $309
% Customers with 8 years old & older vehicles 32.3% 52.5%
C.P. FRHs/R.O. Overall* 1.6* 3.1*
Overall Fixed Operations Gross Profits 2014
$4,037,628 +13.8%
*FRHs/R.O. 0 – 36K miles 0.54* 1.60*
*FRHs/R.O. 36 – 60K miles 1.10* 2.25*
*FRHs/R.O. 60 – 100K miles 2.21* 3.05*
*FRHs/R.O. 100 – 150K miles 1.91* 3.52*
*FRHs/R.O. 150K + miles 2.21* 3.89*


“Over the years, Lloyd initially helped our GM store and then our Mercedes-Benz store achieve much higher Net Profits and CSIs. Each year, we earn Millions in Net Profits in our Service & Parts Departments. With Lloyd, we have been able to rapidly grow our business and stay way ahead of the curve with strategies and techniques that other Dealers embraced several years after we did. Our growth made it easy to have the confidence to move from a 48-stall M-B shop into a 100-stall M-B shop. Lloyd is a great coach and facilitator. He is generous with his time and expertise, arrives early and stays late, and our people look forward to his visits.”
Kim Patterson, General Manager 972.989.2840
Mercedes-Benz of Plano
Plano, TX (Dallas suburb)


“For me, using Lloyd Schiller has been very rewarding. In 2005, I again reached out to Lloyd, and our Group has set record after record every year – far ahead of NADA’s numbers and far ahead of our individual store’s 20 Group members. We have earned over $63 Million in Selling Gross Profit MORE than our Base Year of 2005. Since the late 1990s, he has helped my Groups reach far greater Net Profits and CSIs than we would have without him, or with somebody else. He brings new ideas to each meeting along with reinforcing the fundamentals. He also has very strong ethics and values that our Managers appreciate.”
Jeff Heath, CFO 713.248.1407
Mac Haik Auto Group (12 Dealerships)
Texas Metros


“I would like to enthusiastically recommend Lloyd Schiller. After his first visit to our dealership, we were a very different service department. The progress happened immediately. What caused the change? Lloyd taught at night; then worked with our manager and advisors during the day and made sure they handled customers differently immediately. The advisors immediately saw the difference in their sales and got excited about the results they could achieve. They developed the confidence that these new methods would make their customers happier and make them richer. Many consultants “teach” or “train.” Lloyd does that plus he makes sure it is done. That’s the difference. You can see the impact immediately in your financial statement and in the pay checks you sign. We consider the fee we paid him to be one of the best investments we have ever made.” Average Gross Profit per C.P. R.O. up $36; CES up from 84% to 97%
Chris Zikakis 702.250.2288
Dealer and General Manager
Lompoc Honda & RocketTown CDJR
Lompoc, CA

Lloyd Schiller Bio

Lloyd Schiller formed DEALER SERVICE CORPORATION in 1983 as a Management Training & Development Firm for Dealership Operations. DSC’s Clients included several of the Top Dealer Groups and Top 500 Dealerships. Lloyd has also done contract work for CHRYSLER, FORD, GENERAL MOTORS, HONDA, MARITZ SFE FOR GM, MAZDA-AUSTRALIA, MERCEDES-BENZ, KENWORTH AND PETERBILT. IN 2009, Lloyd created a new firm, LloydSchiller.com where Lloyd continues his On-Site Consulting and Seminars. Lloyd was selected from out of many vendors to create the 2011 – 2012 GM Service Program called Driving Service. Every year since, all 4 GM Divisions have finished in JD Power’s Service CSI Top 5 amongst Mass Appeal Dealers since 2011.

Lloyd’s automotive career began as a mechanic with a North Carolina drag racing operation where, at age 17, he helped build engines on 2 record-breaking cars (a 327 c.i. supercharged Anglia, a 409 c.i. Bel Air Chevrolet). He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and, while in college, operated an independent garage (Lloyd’s of Chapel Hill). After graduating, he held five different positions in Chrysler Corporation’s Service & Parts Operations. He then became a Service and Parts Director for three metro dealerships for five years.

To help even more Dealers, Lloyd developed several systems, including the Profit Solutions® System, Manager-driven Personal Net Profit Improvement system for Dealership Operations with over 70 software copyrights for the Profit Solutions® System. Lloyd’s longtime friend, Brooke Samples, now operates this Off-Site Consulting service as the Profit Blueprints® System

Lloyd has spoken at 13 NADA Conventions on a variety of management topics, and twice had the Number 1-Rated Workshop. Lloyd has also addressed five Australian Automobile Dealers Association Conventions, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant Conferences on Dealership Financial Operations four times, the NACE Convention on Dealership Body Shop Management, and been a featured speaker at five Dealers’ Edge Service & Parts Summits. Lloyd presented over 40 2-day Seminars for NADA on various Service Management topics, both live and distance learning earning a composite 94.5% rating. Lloyd conducted 35 4-day Service Management Bootcamps for NCM Associates earning a composite 97.3% rating. Through his in-dealership work, along with International, National, State, Metro, and Private Seminars, plus Twenty Group appearances; Lloyd has addressed thousands of Dealers, Managers and Factory Representatives in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia.