Why is this important to your Dealership?

With the Body Shop market declining due to:

  1. fewer accidents per miles driven thanks to Anti-Lock Braking Systems, accident avoidance technologies, and stricter enforcement of DUI laws,
  2. more “totals” after airbag deployments,
  3. higher age vehicles on the roads, and
  4. Customers taking money instead of repairing their vehicles, especially where they must provide a deductible

it is critical that those who intend to dominate their local market run a Body Shop Profit Center that represents a good return on investment. Our Body Shop Consulting and Training will help you optimize the critical elements necessary in today’s Body Shop business environment, including these 10 Critical Elements:

  1. Reaching and exceeding Cycle Time and Touch Time Metrics set by the Insurance Companies to increase your Insurance Assignments,
  2. Creating the Production Techniques in order to reach Cycle Time and Touch Time Metrics to increase your Insurance Assignments,
  3. Efficiently Managing the Customer Reception, Follow-up and Follow-through communications, and Active Delivery Processes including How To Sell and CLOSE Your Estimates upon presentation
  4. Reviewing and/or implementing a start-to-finish Quality Assurance Process that increases overall Production, improves Customer and Insurance Company satisfaction and reduces Policy Adjustments
  5. The Measures Required to Achieve Paint and Materials, Other Supplies Controls and Maximum Profitability
  6. Receivables Controls and Efficiencies for Cash Flow and to minimize Write-Offs
  7. Work In Process Controls and Efficiencies
  8. Target Gross Profit, Expense and Production Percentage Goals to improve Profitability
  9. Body Shop Technician and Estimator Mentorship Programs for Growth
  10. Body Shop Website Pages and Search Engine Optimization