Why is this important to your Dealership?

Finding and hiring a Top Notch Service Manager or Service Director is very difficult these days. Paying for the many mistakes of less-than-Top-Notch Service Managers or Service Directors can cost you large sums of dollars, lost good people, and time, or all three.

In our Results-Assured Bootcamp, there are 3 Stakeholders – the Dealer Operator, the Student Manager, and Lloyd Schiller. Unlike other classes, the Dealer pays one annual tuition and supplies the Student or his/her replacement(s), the Instructor, Lloyd Schiller, must graduate one Student from the Dealership by substantial improvement in 8 Key Performance Indicators, and the Student must make substantial improvements in 2 Key Performance Indicators per Quarter, or flunk out.

Four modules, 20+ Key Performance Indicators measured committed to by the 3 Stakeholders – that’s the formula for success. Upon graduation, the Dealer has had a substantial improvement in performance and the Graduate has become a more valuable player to the Dealership by his/her performance now realized, but also in confidence, self esteem and relationship with his/her family.