Why is this important to your Dealership?


  1. How easy is it for you to find qualified, trained help in Service, Parts and Body Shop positions?
  2. Have these limited talent pools driven up the price of hiring and/or retaining talent?
  3. Have these limited talent pools inhibited your Service, Parts and Body Shop growth?
  4. Have these limited talent pools harmed your CSI efforts?

In 2004, Lloyd began creating an ingenious system whereby highly-experienced – and respected – Service and Body Shop Technicians could mentor capable, lower-skilled Technicians vs. “exploit” Dealership-paid hourly helpers. These Mentor Programs proved so successful that he spread them to the Parts Counter Person position. Next Lloyd included Service Advisors and Body Shop Estimators. Clearly documented Career Pathways with Classifications and Requirements to be met, along with pay ranges, keep everyone focused on the same goals. Entry levels have been added with probationary steps prior to qualifying for entrance into a Mentor Program. There are reward systems involved for the Mentors, and in addition, there are safeguards in place to dismiss underperformers rather than “carry them” for months or years.