Why is this important to your Dealership?

Deciding to commit to a full-service consulting effort which will produce both culture and process changes is a large commitment; one that involves your Employees’ and Customers’ futures. Since 1983, Lloyd Schiller has been a leader in both Net Profit and Customer Happiness Improvement RESULTS with Net Profit Improvements of up to $1.5 Million and CSI Improvements of up to 25% in a single year!

  • Lloyd knows that each market, facility, Dealership culture, and personnel situation is unique.
  • Our On-Site Management Development and Training Services are customized for Dealerships of all sizes, and
  • We implement the solutions to meet the needs of your Dealership, your Employees and your Customers.
  • When the average Technician’s Flat Rate Hour is worth $100+ Labor and Parts Gross Profits in the average Mass Appeal Dealership and $170+ in the average High Line Dealership; you want you to optimize every opportunity.

Our5-Step Approach to address your needs:

  1. Complimentary Preliminary Analysis and information if sent to LS.com Office with a complimentary Phone Consultation to review the findings of the information gathered,
  2. LloydSchiller.com Advance Forms are sent to your Dealership for completion prior to our Initial On-Site Evaluation which optimizes Lloyd’s time while at your Dealership,
  3. LloydSchiller.com Initial On-Site Evaluation performed,
  4. Lloyd Schiller implements solutions based on your needs,
  5. Lloyd Schiller follows up and fine tunes progress.

Our On-Site Evaluation includes:

An in-depth review of your opportunities includes:

  • a Profit Blueprints® Financial profile,
  • a Retail Repair Order Sales Analysis,
  • optional Employee Opinion Surveys, and
  • our unique On-Site Operations Review.

A Closing Meeting is conducted with the Dealer Operator with Specific Recommendations, Item-by-Item that will benefit your Dealership, your Customers, your Employees and your Bottom Line.

Lloyd Schiller guarantees his work, and has for over 30 years. LloydSchiller.com ensures maximum return on investment for every aspect of your Dealership when we do the following:

  1. Set Aggressive Performance Objectives and “Tie-In the Buy-In” of your Employees to your Goals
  2. Increase Total Service & Parts Sales, Gross Profits, Gross Profit Margins, Total Flat Rate Hours Produced, Yield per Customer, Technician Efficiency, and Customer Happiness
  3. Create Direct Performance Pay Plans keyed to areas of responsibility
  4. Reduce and Eliminate Excessive Expenses
  5. Reduce Inventories and Receivables
  6. Teach Managers how to optimize their computers’ features
  7. Address any other Process modifications, re-engineering, or execution of current Processes
  8. Plus whatever else it takes to get the job done!

Our Custom-Tailored Solutions have produced Bottom Line Increases from $200,000 to $1,500,000 Net Profit Improvements and CSI Increases from 10% to 25% over a 12-month period! Your Dealership should be our next success story!