Why is this important to your Dealership?

result-based-pay-plansLloyd Schiller has been designing Direct Performance Pay Plans for some of North America’s best Dealers since 1985. We were the very first firm to include CSI as a major component to Pay Plans in 1986. We know what works, and also what doesn’t. We find out what you are trying to accomplish, what your Target Objectives are, and tailor your Pay Plans to fit within “the budget” for that position for that department.

Here are some thoughts on Pay Plans…“Pay Plans are not a substitute for good strong Management, but people will and do work their Pay Plans.” “Show me my Pay Plan and I’ll tell you my Job Description.” People are somewhat motivated to optimize their pay plans, especially motivated people. So a great Pay Plan can extract great Performance from good Employees. Unfortunately, nothing will help unmotivated or poor Employees…not even the best Pay Plan.

With Results-Based Pay Plans, not only will your motivated Employees be motivated to reach their Department’s goals, the payouts will keep your Personnel Expense at Target. Simply put, Lloyd’s Pay Plans and Templates in MSExcel produce positive results. Lloyd knows what works, and what doesn’t. Lloyd uses his 30+ years of consulting experience with People, Positions and Pay Plans with some of North America’s Best Dealers to create Pay Plans tied to your specific goals.


  • Service & Parts Directors, Fixed Operations Directors
  • Service Managers, Parts Managers, Body Shop Managers
  • Service Advisors, Body Shop Estimators, Parts Counter Persons
  • Technician Incentives