Why is this important to your Dealership?

Every Customer’s visit should be precious to your Dealership. As the competition for your Customers’ Service Dollars intensifies, Dealers need every tool available to improve Customer Retention and Yield per Customer.

Far beyond traditional Service Advisor Training, our Service Drive Process Implementation helps your staff:

  1. Convert email and phone call inquiries into Reservation “events”,
  2. Create PreWork Order Packages with Management Previews,
  3. Present Maintenance Menu and we create Menus with Pricing Spreadsheets where needed,
  4. Utilize Permission-based Multi-Point Inspection Selling that works,
  5. Implement Line Item and Spending Limit Estimates,
  6. Increase Service & Parts Sales with our Second Effort Process,
  7. Be great at face-to-face Active Deliveries that retain and sell, and
  8. Follow-up and sell unsold work by asking one simple question.

Higher Service & Parts Sales along with higher CSIs confirm my approach. Besides being a logical process vs. a “short-term hype program”, both Customers and Service Advisors appreciate the approach. Interactive Classroom Training takes place during the evenings while the on-the-job Coaching happens on the Service Lane during business hours.